Metizoselen –  ergonomi och rörelsefrihet

The Metizo Harness is developed with an ergonomic design so that it does not strain the dog's sensitive neck & spine. The dog is completely free to breath and is non-restrictive to its respiratory system as the harness does not tighten over the dog's throat. The dog has full freedom of movement in this harness. The soft straps are adjustable. Metizo Harness is mostly lined. The buckle sits to the side of the dog so as not to chafe or otherwise irritate the dog.

Det finns två koppelfästen, det ena sitter uppe på ryggen, det andra fram på bröstbenet. Om man använder det främre koppelfästet så får inte hunden samma kraft att dra framåt, vilket kan leda till att hunden drar mindre i kopplet. Det är enkelt att byta koppelinfästning under promenaden.

Sizes are available from XXXS-XXL, it is also possible to get handles in all sizes. See the Size Guide for more details.

Metizoselen finns i färgerna Röd, Svart, Blå, Orange, Rosa, Lila, Grön och Turkos.

There is reflective material in the entire harness for easier visibility during the dark. The Metizo Harness has a protected patent design in the EU and Norway.

It is possible to wash Metizoselen in the washing machine at 30 degrees celsius with a mild amount of detergent; it should be washed in a laundry bag and hung to dry. If it is slightly dirty, it can also be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent.


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