My name is Carina Lundquist and I run Metizo Dezign AB in Linköping where I also live.

It all started when my husband Joakim and I bought our dog Mercedes in April 2009, who was only eight weeks old at the time; and a wonderful little mixed girl. Our problem was that I could not find a harness that fit her very well, so I started thinking about how I could sew a dog harness myself. This was something I had never done before, so it became a bit of a challenge.

Joakim and I brainstormed a lot of different ideas during this time and eventually led me to thinking of what it would take for me to start a business, needless to say we had many late nights :)

It took three years to develop and design the Metizo Harness, which became a completely new design for an ergonomic dog harness, and developed two leashes as well. (Read more about the Metizo Harness under the tab products.) The Metizo Harness has a patented design in Norway and throughout the EU.

And Boom! That's how Metizo Dezign came about in April 2012, and then officially registered the company Metizo Dezign AB in October 2013.

The word Metizo comes from our three dogs that we had when the company started, Mercedes, Destiny and Bonzo. Unfortunately, Destiny is no longer with us, but we saved a little puppy after Destiny's last litter and she was named Metizo.


Who's Carina then?

I am an innovator, designer and, brainstormer-- we manufacture our products with absolutely fantastic seamstresses here in Linköping. I have throughout my life been very creative and made most things you can do by hand with a sewing machine, with a great deal of imagination and ideas.

The ideas are endless, one after the another; becoming better and better each time. There is constantly much going on, so keep an eye on the website,, Facebook or Instagram to see the latest happenings!


Carina Lundquist

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