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Metizo Dezign AB is manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality products for your dog!

Ergonomic harness and leash

The Metizo harness is produced with an ergonomic design with the purpose of avoiding strain on the sensitive vertebrae of the neck and back of the dog. The harness does not put any pressure on the dog’s throat, leaving the airway and respiratory system free from strain.


Since april of 2012 we develop, design and manifacture our own dog products. All of our products are trademarked designs i the EU and Norway.


We sell our products exclusively to retailers, please find your nearest retailer here. If you wish to become a retailer for our products, you will find more information here.


Everything started in april of 2009 when my husband Joakim and I bought our dog Mercedes, who was then a puppy of only eight weeks. She was a beautiful little crossbreed girl.

So why choose the Metizo harness?

We create dog products of good quality, where we put focus on comfort for the dog as well as the owner.

In the Metizo harness the leash can be attached to the front ring, which stops the dog from pulling on the leash. The walk becomes calmer and nicer for both human and dog.


Advantages of the Metizo harness

  • Ergonomic
  • Does not put strain on the vertebraes of the neck and back of the dog
  • Does not put strain on the dog’s respiratory system
  • Leaves the dog’s mobility unimpaired
  • Adjustable straps
  • The whole of the harness is made from light reflective material 

Meet our Team

Metizo Dezign AB is run by me, Carina Lundquist.
I live and work in Linköping, Sweden.
Together with my husband and our dogs I develop and design dog products.

Carina Lundquist

Carina Lundquist

Owner and innovator
Joakim Lundquist

Joakim Lundquist

Husband and support


Nina Joensuu

Nina Joensuu

Creativ ray of sunshine


Ambitious artisan

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