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The Metizo harness – ergonomics and unrestrained movement

The Metizo harness is developed with an ergonomic design with the purpose of avoiding strain on the sensitive vertebrae of the neck and back of the dog. The dog’s airways and respiratory system stays clear and unrestrained, since the harness doesn’t put pressure on the throat. It also leaves the dog’s mobility unimpaired. The straps are soft and adjustable. The Metizo harness is mostly lined and the clasp is located on the side of the dog, as to not cause chafe or irritation.

There are two possible attachment points for the leash. One up on the back and the other in the front on the sternum of the dog. Using the front attachment point inhibits the dog’s strength for pulling forward, which could lead to less pulling on the leash. Switching attachment point for the leash during the walk is easy.

Sizes ranges from XXXS to XXL and all have the optional handle.  Visit our size guide here.

The Metizo harness comes in red, black, blue, orange, pink, purple, green and turquoise.

The harness is made from light reflective material. The Metizo harness is a trademarked design in the EU and Norway.

The Metizo harness should be washed in a washing bag for delicates, in 30 degrees Celsius  (86 degrees Fahrenheit) with a small amount of detergent. Hang to dry. A lightly stained harness can be hand washed in lukewarm water with a little dishwasher detergent.

The Metizo leash.
One leash – everything you need.

We have recently developed a leash that has everything you need. There are rubber strings woven into the fabric to give you the best possible grip and just like the harness, the leash is made from light reflective material for the safety of you and your dog. The leash is unique with the Swedish made BGB hook. The leash comes in two sizes of width and eight colours: red, black, blue, orange, pink, purple, green and turquoise.  Now it is also possible to order the leash with lined handle. 

Our products also include a Metizo leash without the rubber strings, but with a lined handle for best comfort. As the Metizo harness this leash too is made from a light reflective material, for the safety of you and your dog. This leash comes in red, black, blue, orange, pink, purple, green and turquoise.

The possible sizes of width are 15mm (0,6 inches) or 20mm (0,8 inches). The leash is 180cm (71 inches) long.

The Metizocollar

A comfortably wadded collar, that is easy to put on.
We have embroidered in reflex threads for you and your dogs safety.
The Metizocollar is available in several different colours.
The collar can be washed in a washing machine at 30° with some laundry detergent, must wash in laundry-bag.
Matching leashes are available in the same colours as the collar and there’s reflex in the whole leash.
If you have a dog that tugs a lot on the leash we recommend that you buy a Metizoharness.

To find the right size measure the circumference of your dogs neck.
Sizes are available from 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 cm