”Well thought out design”

Hello Carina!

The Metizo harness is the best harness I have ever tried! A lot of the dogs that I meet are stressed by collars and leashes. Just by changing to a harness they calm down. That creates the opportunity to reach the dog and begin the training. It is not possible to train a dog in a stressed mental state. I particularly  like the Metizo beacuse of the well thought out design with size adjustment possibilitys in several different places, the buckle on the side and the soft, lined straps.

The two different points for attachment of the leash is great as well. I mostly use the one on the back since I walk with tree dogs in front of me. It’s also usefull for when you go bicycling or skiing with you dog.

Agneta Damberg  Dog Instructor, Problem Dog Konsultant and Dog Psychologist, Ängdalens Hundkurser


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